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Student Testimonials

I decided to take up drum kit lessons after finding Adam, after a long time out of playing. I had lost my confidence in it. I cannot speak highly enough of Adam’s teaching style. He is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled and patient teacher. Giving good feedback on how to improve my technique all the time. Thank you Adam for helping me get back to drumming again!

Louise John 





Terrific teacher!! Adam is great at making me comfortable with the instrument and also keeps his sessions fun and rewarding! Would absolutely recommend

Alexis Zaninetti




Adam is an Incredible as a drumming teacher. Understanding and clear with a calm and friendly manner, he seemed to know perfectly when and how the right instructions were required. His knowledge and skills are simply awe inspiring. I have tons of fun learning with him

David Hedly



Teacher Adam was amazing! I really felt like he was all about listening to what I wanted to get out of the lessons. Then was incredibly good at tailoring the sessions to that at a pace that was fun, exciting and challenging but also manageable and not too hard. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Ben Judd

Adam is super friendly and a really great teacher, would definitely recommend his lessons to anyone starting out drumming!

Charlie Scholes

It was an amazing experience. Adam is a great teacher, who explained everything in a very structured but fun way at the same time.

Khatuna Gurchiani

Super talented guy. More importantly, incredibly patient with students.

Daniel Brightmore

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